Where’s mj?

Guess I should tell you where we are and what it is like here.

We are camped in the Sonora Desert near Congress, Arizona.

It’s been fairly rainy this winter, at least it’s rainy for a desert. The brush is quite green. There aren’t as many saguaro cacti here as further south. But there is plenty of prickly pear and cholla around. Other flora includes creosote bushes, sagebrush, palo verde trees, and a few ironwood trees.

Our campground has a huge, old saguaro called Methuselah. It is estimated that Methuselah is about 400 years old. He has dozens of branches and is about thirty or maybe even forty feet tall. I’m not really good at estimating distances and heights. He has lots of holes in him where the little birds hang out. There’s a rail fence around Methuselah to help keep him safe and he is surrounded by a nice little park with lots of small trees, bushes, other cacti, benches, birdbaths and gravel paths. It’s a nice peaceful place.

methuselah.jpg Here he is in all his glory. Handsome fella for someone 400 years old, isn’t he? Just think, this cactus sprouted before the pilgrims landed at Plymouth rock.



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