Major Milestone

Look! over there at the bottom of the left column!!

1,000 Visitors!!!

Thank you all for stopping by!!


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19 Responses to W00t!!!

  1. kafleen says:

    1000 VISITORS!??

    That calls for a parade!

    Doot, doot, doot, doot doot doot doot doot DOOT!

    *Donkee pulls out big drum and begins booming it an marchin
    down the street, gathering followers and throwing candy!!!*

    Sings loudly to the tune of Stars and Stripes Forever:

    Cweenmj’s teh star ub teh nite!
    She has worked her ebber lubbin tuuuuush off!
    Dis site is full ub teh WIN
    We are marchin in honor of the Cween!

    *Donkee goes marching through the town!!*

    /srsly….I came here cause I hasn’t seen enuff ub u, an saw
    1,000 visitors and had a happy! DEN I saw MY NAME UNDER YOUR BLOGROLL. I almost started crying! I am so honored!

    *Goes back to marching and beating the drum!!!*

  2. idansdansdans says:

    March, march , march, teh glawkinshpeel iz dinging!!
    Tromp, tromp, tromp, teh morning bellz R ringing!!
    High kik!! High kik!!! High kik!!
    * puff* * wheeze* *groan*

    I luv yor blog, yoo, and kafleen, lidddel donkey foots..
    Picks up sum candy and puts it in pokkits for b’fast NR gee..
    Happi fase in teh morning you gais!

  3. Romeow says:

    *joyns in teh parade behind idansdansdans*
    Hail to teh Cween!
    Hail to teh Cween!
    Gib meh an “M”
    Gib meh “J”
    Wat duz dat spell…

    *passes owt Cweenmj flags to peeps on eech side ov teh strees*
    *cheers rise from teh crowd in anticipation ov the Cween’s arrival*

    *march march jump turn leap turn*
    *march march jump turn leap turn*
    *march march jump turn leap turn*

    Yeah Cween, Yeah Cween,

  4. Ambercat says:

    *Ambercat and the Bicycle Display Team join the parade*
    I wouldn’t miss this for the world! And look! Even the weather’s on our side with warm sunshine and a gentle breeze, just enough to make the flags flutter and lift the flowers I’m throwing lift and float over the whole crowd! The scent of lilac and wallflowers fills the air as the Bicycle Display team throw flowers in formation, whilst balancing on each other’s shoulders AND saving the planet!
    All hail to CweenMJ and her (over) one thousand visits!

  5. JanetCanHas4Kittehs says:

    *joynes parade behind Ambercat and Romeow*

    *shouts with Romeow*
    Hail to teh Cween!
    Hail to teh Cween!
    Gib meh an “M”
    Gib meh “J”
    Wat duz dat spell…

    *does fancy flag routine as seen at the Palio in Siena. Large flag in dark green and white has cweenmj crest on it in gold and red and blue*

    *swhoosh flag around to the right side
    swoosh flag around to teh left side
    swoosh flag around over head
    swoosh flag around on the ground, jumping over it
    TOOOOOSSSSS flag twerling high into the air
    catch flag with a swooping flourish*

    *repeat thoughout the parade route*
    *thnking “Yay fur CweenMJ. Over one thousand visits! WOW!!*

  6. mary douglas says:

    *poof* changes kawaigrand from blakeverydaymode to fancyresspianoredparademode*
    *loads up piano on parade route transporter*
    *yells at flag corps to get a move on*
    *plays thousand miles for parade*
    (just in case you can’t get the youtoobs…)

    *piano intro*♫♫♫♫♫
    Making my way to yur blog
    Typing fast
    Thinking smashed
    And I’m gone soon…
    Staring blankly atscreen
    just making up stuff
    Making my way
    leeving is tuff.

    And I need to
    Tell you soon
    I will miss you

    congratz on the cool blog!

  7. Maus says:

    Maus enters in full The Mouse King costume, riding an immense Clysdale that was trained like a Lippizaner.
    Lnnl PjrraZW! V jvfu lbh gubhfnaqf naq gubhfnaqf zber uvgf!

  8. zauberflote says:

    StarsnStripes? Parade?? Yay! *hauls out piccolo and plays teh famous picc part in both keys at once wif teh band*

    Then fur Maus, plays picc part from Nutz Battle Scene. Mary will play teh rest.

    All of this dressed as the Firebird, red an gold, sequins, lame, chiffon, head dress of sparkles….

    Stayin behind JCH4K, scared of flags, lol.

    Just my little contribution, love teh blog!

  9. Kafleen says:

    Oh, WUTT a parade! What a great bunch of PEOPLE!

    *Donkee bounces up and down with glee and calls to friends!*

    Isn’t this wonderful!??

  10. cweenmj says:

    U guise crak mii up!!! Wut a great start 2 mai day!!!

  11. altosinger says:

    Ohh, Itz fantabulous!!!
    Aiii luv a paraaaayd!

    Hooray for teh Cween an her
    Lubbly hart
    Shee mayd mee feel welcum an
    Shee blesst mee by beein her luvvin

  12. Mark Taylor says:

    Sarsparilla Fer everybody!
    *Opens bottle shakes and sprays all the heck all over*
    *hands bottles of pop to the assembled throngs*
    *wonders if they are wearin throngs*
    *shakes head – kwik thinks of sumtin else*
    Whoop whoop marchin for Cweenmj!

  13. SolNEsther says:

    Hooray for the Cween!

    “the Cween and the Quing were quirling at quoits …”

  14. gremlin says:

    *joyns teh parayd*

    Ohai, Cween! I luvs a parayd! Lemme do sum speschul steps for yoo in honor uv teh 1000:

    Prance prance, caper caper, march march march march!

  15. LyP says:

    I luvs teh intertoobs pirrayd! It’s always heer win yu getz heer, no matter wut time yu getz heer!

    ~tosses kunfety~

    *~ *.,,.* *** -*- ~*~*~*~*~

    Hooray for Cweenmj! And congratulations awn yur akomplishmint uv over 1ooo visiters!

  16. Phillipe d'Beaker says:

    *clears throat*
    *adjusts clipboard*
    *straightens lab coat*
    Excuse me everyone, but there is an error. The bottom left corner duzzn’t say 1000 hits. It sez 1,224 hits. By my careful calkyoolashuns …
    *scribbles on clipboard*
    … that is 224 hits more than 1000, an excess of …
    *scribbles on clipboard*
    …approximately 22.4 percents. This calls for
    *scribbles on clipboard some more*
    an ape rocks cement 25% increese in the levuls uv hilarity, festivity, joveeality, mewsicality, pawradiality, and awl-rownd loonity.
    … so say we all !!1!

  17. gibbocat says:

    *Vroom Vrooom*
    Roars up on Juj Dridd byk!
    ‘Duz yew haf teh purmitt fur diz parayd?? *examinz dubiuz lukkin bit ov paypur thruzt @ him bai LCB* ‘Hmmmm’
    Lukkee 4 yewz awl eye amz in teh gud mewd an doan eben pheal liek shewtin N E wun!!
    Butt az eyem hear mebbeh the cween needz teh formul ezkort.
    *duz wheelee awn byk an – fawlz awff!! ( noebuddy nowtizt tahat!! )*
    *vroom vroom* agen!!
    Eberee parayd needz teh vroom vroom!!
    Happy daiz mai cween!! 🙂

  18. Salleh says:

    parade !! oh boy oh boy oh boy,
    luki fer me ai haz teh day off…

    so …..in onor of cween….ai haz resurrekted ….teh Kenwood Marching Duckz an Kazoo Band….

    we ar noawt useded to marchin an playin dis eerli in teh yeer, we ar 4th ov Jooly groop…so excusess ar rustinesses peese…..

    march, march march ina sircle …( yeah ai noes we nebber getz anywher….)

    march march ina line ….kazooo uuupppppp!!!!

    *pststttspttbsttstbbstts tbrt*
    *psnttbtsttsb tbtosstopvstsbtpp*

    ai rited dat sawng speshually fer u cween ….iz cawled
    “psbbtsppt” an iz faor part harmunees fer teh kazoo .

  19. critter says:

    Awww…ai missed da parade. Waz a bery good parade by the looks of all the stuff on da street. Good thing I got a shovel and broom…lots of pop bottles and candy wrappers to pick op and ooof …gonna need a bigger shovel to clean up after the donkey! and da ducks . I try to get here early , next parade!

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