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Today was a lovely, sunshiny day. So I was out taking pictures. I got some of our RV from the dock. You can see it sitting up on the hill with its little picket fence along the edge of the drop off.

Yesterday they removed a couple of old mobile homes. We watched them pull them out and hook them up to a truck to haul down that same little road we came in on. Glad I wasn’t doing that!! The owner, Rick, is going to clean up the area where they were and turn it into a half dozen or so long term RV campsites. Richard spent several hours helping clear things out and removing a cinder-block wall this morning.

A couple of minutes ago, Rick knocked on our door and handed us two freshly caught and cleaned trout! Right now Richard is looking through his grilling books to decide how best to fix them for tomorrow’s supper. Mmmm-mm-mmmm. Life is good. 🙂



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  1. jamamakitty says:

    yum the trout sound so fresh and tasty.. AND nootrishus

    I posted this link on the lolcat page today but yew wuz gone ai fink! Sew here it is again!! Please pick out a pritty hat for our “O Hai Desert Tea”. It will make it berry speshul. Yew can reply to me at

    I kinda like the aqua one down about 4 sections or so, if I can remember!

    Have fun today!!

    Jeanne (jamamakitty)

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