Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Really. We are sick of it. It has been rainy and yucky for about 2 weeks now. This is the high DESERT!!! Not the high RAIN FOREST!! Somebody tell the weather man. Please.

We got a letter the other day from AT&T. They said, and I quote, “According to our records, it appears that your data usage over the past two consecutive months has exceeded your off-net usage allowance permitted under the Terms and Conditions of your rate plan.” In other words, when we were in Arizona and Nevada, I was “roaming” and using the internet. So, even though I have an “unlimited” plan for my internet usage, I’ve been using it too much!! Their suggested solutions are for me to get a different carrier, or, if I stay with AT&T, I won’t be allowed to connect to a roaming network!! You would think, that if they have customers who are wanting to connect in areas where they don’t have service that they would expand their network. But no, they kick you off.

So, we started looking for an alternate internet solution. We decided to go to a Hughes Satellite system from Maxwell. Its a tripod, cabling, satellite dish, and modem. We have seen many other RVers with this set up. The initial cost for the hardware is eating up our economic stimulus check from Uncle Sam. And the monthly service charge from Hughes will be the same as we were paying AT&T ($60). They are shipping it UPS and it should arrive early next week. I can’t wait — it will be high speed internet instead of the pokey dial up speed we have now. YAY!!

Also, next Tuesday we take the motorhome into Bend to get its leaky hydraulic line replaced. I really hope the rain quits. We don’t want to be running into Bend in the rain. And we don’t want to be installing the new satellite system in the rain, either.

Rain, rain, go away!!




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