At last!! The sun has been shining for more than two days in a row!! And we are soooo glad. Spring is here at last. (We hope.)

I have posted some more pictures at my picassa site.

We had a little snake visit us the other day. I’m not sure what kind he was, but we do know he wasn’t poisonous. Just a friendly little snake in the garden.

Wednesday we took a drive from Prineville up highway 27 to the dam on the Crooked River that creates the Prineville Reservoir. The highway passes through a very pretty canyon. We stopped at a couple of picturesque spots and I took some pictures, of course.

And the last few pictures are of the cute little bunny sitting next to the motorhome’s back tire. He was busy looking adorable. First he scratched one ear, then the other. Then he hopped away.

We have also been watching eagles. We’ve seen both bald eagles and golden eagles soaring over the reservoir. They look so graceful riding the thermals. We keep hoping to see them dive and catch something, but so far, no luck.



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