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Jamamakitty emailed me some pictures she took of the tea party. I posted them in the Tea Party album with the other pictures.


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3 Responses to Just a Note

  1. jamamakitty says:

    ai also uploaded some additional photos on teh cheesfrens website…………. 1 ohai desert tea is the album name…..

  2. It looked like so much fun!!!! You have a gorgeous site there at the lake, but I hope you’ll consider driving up to Yakima.

    Hmm we don’t have a good name picked out. Not sure we could top Ohai Desert Tea (you are truly out in the Ohai Desert.)

    I suggested to JA that we have a white elephant exchange so that no one purrson is going broke trying to get gifts for everyone. (The bracelets were gorgeous by the by… I love amethyst!)

    I realize it will take you the better part of the day to get from the lake to Portland and across the Columbia to Yakima, but I’d really love to meet you!!!

  3. Wow!! Wut luvlee ladiez.. Teh site iz also bewtiful. Sush a pritty blooming tea! I hope it tasted az gud az it lukz! I’m sew happi 4 U gais!!
    I hope sumdai I can meet U awl tew!! Wooden it bee wunnerfulz to hazza canbenshun!?!

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