Fourth of July

WOW!!! What a weekend! Where to begin?

For us, the weekend started on Thursday. Since the holiday was Friday, lots of folks headed up here to the lake after they got off work Thursday. We were busy all evening, checking people in, getting them into their campsites, and selling firewood and ice. At eleven we locked the gate and came into our little house.

Around 2 am the lady from site 24 came knocking on our door to complain that the people in sites 26 and 27 were being noisy and keeping her awake. Richard went down to sort it out. He found the people in sites 26 & 27 sitting out by their fire talking. They weren’t real loud at that time, but you can’t tell how loud someone was before you got there. So he told them to keep the noise down and came back in.

Friday night was the Fourth. Most of the people coming for the weekend were already here, so you’d think it would be a pretty easy night at the gate. Well, you’d be wrong. In amongst all the people getting firewood and ice, we had a guy ride in on a little 25 cc mini-bike. He said he’d heard that for $1 we would let him use the restroom. I asked where he was camped and he said he and a group were up the road in the nearby housing addition, Baterro Park. I had to ask, “and you don’t have a toilet?” He said they just had a deck. We let him use the toilet but didn’t charge him any money.

About an hour later, just after sunset, we were talking with Rick and Julie when the same little mini-bike came scooting into the parking lot, dodged around the entrance gate and tore off up the beach. Richard shone his flashlight on him as he whizzed by, and called out to him to stop, to no avail. Rick gave chase in his golf cart, but came back a few minutes later without having caught up with the tresspasser. We told him about our previous encounter with the mini-bike. Rick said he knew where the deck was on the hillside.

Things settled back down as it got dark. Rick and Richard both went out on golf carts to do continuous patrols through the campground to ensure there were no fireworks set off and that the “no noise after 10 pm” rule was reasonably enforced. We don’t expect silence, but outdoor radios should be off and people shouldn’t be talking so loud that others can’t sleep.  There were a couple of parties that had to be told to take it down a couple of notches.

Then, when Richard was makinge his rounds just before 11, he found a couple doing the nasty on the boat launch dock.  😯  He shined his light on them and told them they couldn’t do that there.   After they got dressed and headed back into the campground we locked up and went in for the night.  Around midnight, the lady from site 24 came knocking on our door again to complain that the people down the beach from her were being noisy and keeping her awake. Once again Richard went down to sort it out.  He parked on the upper level of the campground and listened for a while, but he couldn’t find anyone being noisy.  So he came on back in.

Saturday evening was much quieter.  One guy came up to buy firewood and was telling us how much they had enjoyed their stay.  It was such a nice, quiet campground.  We asked him which site he was in and we nearly fell over when he said “24.”




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