How’s Your Day?


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  1. jaffeh says:


    U favritud meh as frend.

    Ah don noze u, but FANKS!

    Okay, get of the lolspeak.

    This site is the best keep me from going nuts site I’ve ever found!

    I might doubt myself, but I happen to have a nephew who’s an electrical engineer and REALLY smart. He and his wife have no kids but three cats…so CATS connected me with Matthew and Lorie and LOLZ. I had met ICHC briefly on another board when Matthew showed me the site.

    I am a kitteh mama, second generation. Molly and Quincy were my first. Quincy was my all time favorite. I buried them both. Now I have Caleb and Kiplee. Younguns.

    Caleb is aksually a gurl, but when I took him in to be neutered, teh vet tol me HEEZ A GURL.

    I’m not sure I believe it wholly. He/She acts male.

    U retird. DO WANT!!!!!

    U der to repli?

    (Believe it or not, I’m an English teacher in a technical college in Georgia…an Indiana transplant. But the WRONG grammar of lolcats TICKLES me! to no end!)

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