Last Thursday my left leg started aching. I thought it would get better, but it got more painful over the weekend. I could hardly stand it. And I didn’t get more than a couple of hours sleep each night. We figured it was probably caused by me sitting here at the computer. I sit in my chair with my legs propped up on the ottoman and the laptop on a little lapdesk. I usually cross my left leg over the right at the ankles to get the computer at a comfortable angle. It felt like a charley-horse, but the calf muscle wasn’t cramped up tight. I could walk on it, and flex it, it just hurt like hell.

We thought it might be a blood clot — you hear a lot about that these days. So Monday I got an appointment at the local clinic. The nurse practioner gave me a prescription for Naproxin (high strenght Aleve) in case it was a muscle strain and sent me to the hospital for an ultrasound of my leg to check for a blood clot. The ultrasound was kinda cool. I could hear the blood swooshing through the veins. It sounded like the sound effects from a space movie. The technician poked and pushed and prodded with the transducer all the way down my leg from the groin to the ankle. And she foud no blood clots. YAY!! So I came home and am resting the leg as much as I can by staying off the computer. And I’m taking my pills. The leg is still achey, but it is no longer excruciating. And I have been able to sleep the last couple of nights.

I have a new desk on order for my laptop, so it won’t be pressing down on my legs. It’s called an Airdesk. You can see it here: Airdesks I will be able to adjust it to whatever angle works best for me. And it will disassemble easily when we get ready to move.



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