Yesterday we went into Bend to do a little shopping. Richard wanted to check out one of the sporting goods stores, among other things. We had lunch at a little Bar-B-Que joint. mmmmmm. Yummy pork and cole slaw!!

On our way home we saw smoke from a forest fire to the east of us.  Which, unfortunately, was the direction we were headed.  We kept an eye on the billowing smoke all the way back, and it kept looking more and more like it was near Prineville. As we got to Prineville, we could see it was southeast of town — which is where our resort is!!! On our way out of town, we came to a roadblock on Juniper Canyon Road.  They said the fire was on the road and made us turn around.

Well, Rats!!!  We felt real uncomfortable with a fire headed towards the motorhome and we couldn’t get to it.  But, ever resourceful, we decided to try the back road.  We knew that there was a unmaintained dirt road connecting Juniper Canyon Road with the Paulina highway.  And we had seen both ends of it, so we knew where it came out just about a mile from the campground.  So we went down the Paulina highway and found the dirt road.  It wiggled and twisted and bumped along the Crooked River for a couple of miles.  Then, as the river widens and becomes the Prineville Reservoir, it climbs up and around and down.  The land belongs to the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) and there are some primitive campsites along the shore.  We saw some tenters, and a couple of RVs in the campgrounds.  We were amazed to think of people dragging a trailer down that road with all its potholes and the tree branches close enough to rake the trailer, and the sharp turns.   After a while we could see the marina (HOME!!) and at last we got to the other end of the dirt road and were very happy to have pavement under our tires again.

We pulled into the campground and talked to Rick.  He said the fire was started when an RV going down the mountain had caught fire somehow, and the fire quickly spread to the trees.   Juniper Canyon Road was opened up shortly after we got home, and the fire was contained before it could come over the mountain and reach the resort.

Keep smiling!




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  1. Glad to hear you are safe!
    (There is such a thing as too much excitement, and I think the fire qualifies.)

    Hope you will still be coming to Yakima. It’s the thought of our Yakitup that’s helped me get through this moving ‘adventure’.

    {{{Best wishes}}}

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