Just Another Night

Boy, I tell ya. We have more excitement here….

Last night, just around sundown, a pickup truck came scooting up to the gate from the campground. The driver said that a kid had fallen off his bike at the far end of the campground and broke his arm. Julie called emergency services for an ambulance. I had just started to make a patrol on our golfcart and Richard called me back to the gate to pick up Rick and take him down to the injured kid. Two sheriff’s officers had just launched their boat a few minutes before and their dispatcher called them back, so they came whizzing back with their lights a-flashing. A crowd had gathered around the injured boy when I dropped Rick off at the scene. As I was going back to the gate, the Sheriff’s pickup was driving in. Then Arianna went down in her golfcart with a blanket for the boy. They got him bundled up and broght him up to the gate in the golfcart. A few minutes later, a firetruck with medics from the volunteer fire house 8 miles down the road arrived. It was getting dark by then, so Richard held one of our million candlepower lights over the boy so the medics could see what they were doing to attend to him. The boy had hit his face on a rock and had lots of bruising and swelling, in addition to the broken arm. About ten minutes later the ambulance arrived from town and they got him settled on the gurney and loaded up and hauled him off.

Things settled down then. By 9:30 Rick, Julie and Arianna were in their camper and the sheriff’s officers were back on the lake. Peace and quiet prevailed. Around 9:50, I saw some people headed down to the dock. I figured they were going out to do some night fishing. By 10:15 they were still there, so I went down to the marina to see what was going on. When I got down there, they were all laying on the seats of three boats, all bundled up in blankets looking like a big pajama party. When I asked them what was up, a lady said they were stargazing. I told them that the docks were closed from 10 pm to 5 am. A man asked if they could go out on the lake and I said, “yes, but you will have to stay out until 5am.” He then pointed to a handful of fishing boats just outside of the marina and asked, “What about those boats out fishing?” I told him they were going to be out all night, because the marina is closed from 10 to 5. I didn’t point out to him that on their way down to the dock they had passed not one, but two signs that said (among other rules) NO SLEEPING ON BOATS and two other signs with big red letters: AREA CLOSED 10 PM TO 5 AM. They decided they would go ashore. This morning Julie told me she and Rick had heard the docks rattling and looked out to see me coming up looking like the pied piper with all the people trailing along behind me. She said they stopped counting when they got to 21. You would think with all those people at least one of them would have noticed one of the signs.

The fun never ends. 😀



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  1. Geeeez.. For someone who lives in a country setting in a fairly remote area, you sure lead an exciting life!!! 😯
    Thanks for sharing the fun and interesting stuff!

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