It’s a weekend

Saturday —

We went into town for groceries. On our way home we saw the medivac helicopter flying out of the valley. Turns out, someone got bit by a rattlesnake down by the dam. They had to bring in the medivac helicopter to take them to the hospital.

Saturday evening, we were, as Julie puts it, “full of stupid.” We had someone come in for “just a minute” to give something to a friend who was camping here. After over an hour, we went to tell him that he would either have to pay for a visitor pass, or leave. When Richard walked into the campsite and asked who owned the red Mercedes, the guy said, in a very smart-alecky tone, “I don’t know whose it is, just have it towed.”

So Richard got on the radio and told Julie we needed a tow truck. Julie asked what car that would be (even though she already knew who it was we were dealing with) and said she’d call one out. The wise guy started back-peddling and apologizing all over the place. And he paid us for a visitor pass.

Then there was the campsite full of drunks, druggies and unauthorized visitors. Let’s just say, the deputy sheriff was involved, license numbers were taken and some people won’t be coming back here.

But, we also had a boat with two dads and two boys come in with a huge stringer full of crappies. Julie opened the store back up and sold them a camera, and she took a picture with her Polaroid to put under the glass on the store counter, and we let them use the fish cleaning station, even though they were camped at the state park. Next year they will be camping here!!

And, while our menfolk were dealing with the drunk and disorderlies around 9:30, Julie and I saw the deer come down from the hill. It was the first time we had seen them since the cougar killed one on Monday. The deer came down in single file, two does, two fawns, then two more does. The fawns were very excited — I think it was the first time they had been through the campground. They were looking all around and prancing on their toes. Then, one more doe and another fawn came in trying to catch up with the others.

Sunday —

The sheriff’s marine patrol came scooting in and hopped into their boat and tore out of the marina, then the other marine patrol repeated the procedure. Shortly after that, we saw the medivac helicopter fly in and land at Robert’s Bay (across the lake from us). After a few minutes we could see them load up a patient and chopper took off. Turns out someone had a wakeboard or waterskiing accident and broke their neck.

Almost all of our campers left, and were replaced by new campers. The campground was so quiet in the evening, it was all we could do to stay awake at the gate. Our buddy the part-time deputy sheriff, has been offered a full-time job. He usually stops in around 9:30 or 10 o’clock and visits with us a while, then continues on his rounds. He’s a nice kid in his early 30s, and we are happy for him.

Monday —

Richard and I rode the golfcart up the hill and saw six does and four fawns; all laying under the juniper trees watching us. A couple of them thought we were a little too close and stood up and strolled a few feet away. But they weren’t jumpy. We feel fairly confident that the cougar has moved on.

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