Heat Wave

We had a four day heat wave here last week. It got up over 100 every day after we got back from the coast. Hot, hot, hot. So hot our air conditioner popped the circuit breaker. We are on 30 amp service here and to be able to use all our electric appliances we need 50 amp service. So we have to keep an eye on it and not run too much stuff at once — we can’t run the microwave or the water heater or the coffee pot or electric skillet when the air conditioner is on. We switched the refrigerator to LP during the heat wave. Yesterday things cooled off and a little thunderstorm rolled through. Now that its cooled back down, we put the fridge back on electric.

Sunday, a gal on her motorcycle turned the corner off the pavement and onto the gravel and it dumped her. Her husband ran over and helped her up. She was holding her right shoulder — turns out she broke her collarbone. They took her into town to the hospital and got her all fixed up. And here we thought we were going to get through the weekend without an injury. 🙂



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