Now That’s Weird

Tonight was a nice quiet night.  Checked a few people in, sold some firewood and ice, nothing strange happened.  But I just had funny feeling something wasn’t right.  I told Richard and he asked not right how?  I couldn’t put my finger on it, just a feeling like an itch.  I made the rounds as usual, and nothing strange was happening.  But I just felt restless and couldn’t sit still.  When our friend the young deputy came up around 10:45, he said he’d hit a deer on Hwy 27 earlier in the evening.  Richard told him I’d had a feeling all night starting around 8:30.  That was when he had hit the deer.  He said that he had had a weird feeling earlier, before he came to work, that something was going to happen.  The damage to the pickup was minimal, and he wasn’t hurt at all.  But he had to write up a report, and take his injured truck to the shop and get a different one.  But it was just weird that I had that feeling of something not right.


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  1. I bet U iz reely sigh kik. Yup, ifinkso.. 😯 Carol

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