Statistics can be interesting.  At least the ones I’m looking at are.

WordPress provides me with statistics on my blog.  It tells me how many people visit each day, week, month and year. I can get numbers for each post by the day, week, etc.  I can see where people come from and go to. Most of my posts get several hits the first few days they are up, and then interest in them fades away to nothing.

What intrigues me is that there are 2 posts that seem to have taken on a life of their own. One of them is the International Gas Symbol.  It was first posted back on May 6th.  It followed the normal curve and seemed destined for the cyber space abyss. Then it started picking up more hits in mid-June.  Now it is getting 5 to 25 hits a day.  It is my number one post with 661 total hits!  The International Marriage Symbol, by contrast, has only 17 hits total.

The other post that has picked up a following is Bedtime Storey.  First posted on Feb 24, it languished for several months with just the occasional hit.  In August it started getting one or two hits a day, and recently got 18 hits in one day.  It now has a total 214 hits!!  But Bedlump, a similar story, also has a meager 17 total hits.

Of course, I know that by mentioning these 4 posts, they will all get hits that will throw my stats into complete confusion. 😉

Will Bedtime Story overtake the Gas Symbol?  What will become of the Bedlump and the Marriage Symbol?  Will Car Dreams ever get any notice at all?




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