It was cold last night.  There was frost on the grass this morning.  But the day warmed up nicely.

We took our time hitting the road this morning.  Didn’t pull out until nearly 11. We drove across miles and miles of grassland.  It’s not grass like your lawn.  This is rough, dry, sparse prairie grass.  Here and there we saw herds of cattle and herds of pronghorn antelopes.  I read somewhere that scientists have determined that pronghorns aren’t really antelopes.  They aren’t deer either.  They are a species unto themselves.

There are lots of irrigated hay fields.  They look nice and lush compared to the native grasses.  The pronghorns aren’t at all shy about grazing in the ranchers’ fields.

When we approached Sundance, the topography changed quite suddenly.  The Black Hills appeared, covered with pines and the valleys were carpeted with soft grasses.  We got to Sundance around 2:30 and got ourselves set up in the RV park, then we headed out to Devil’s Tower.  It is about 30 miles out of town.

The tower is very impressive, a giant column of rock rising up into the sky.  There were some climbers on it; one group of three headed up, and another pair coming down.  From the visitor center, they were mere specks on the side of the Tower.  I’m not sure which would scare me most if I were climbing it — the dizzying view or the group of vultures constantly circling the Tower.

On our way back into town we saw deer everywhere; they were grazing in the pastures and fields all along the highway.  We stopped and counted one of the herds and there were at least 35 head.  On one side of the road would be a herd of cattle, and on the other would be a herd of whitetail deer.    The main difference is that you can be fairly sure the cattle will stay inside their fence, whereas you never know when a deer will leap over the fence and into the road in front of you.

Tomorrow we head into South Dakota!!



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