We left Sundance this morning and continued east on I-90.  After only about 20 miles, Richard saw an error message on the motorhome’s dashboard.  It said “no J1185 activity”.  We pulled over and stopped.  I got out the owner’s manual, but it didn’t say anything about error messages.  So we tried the old reboot theory and turned the engine off and back on again.  That cleared the error code.  By lucky happenstance, there was a Winnebago dealer at the very next exit, so we pulled in and talked to the service manager.  He said since it was a chassis issue, we would need to go to a Workhorse service center; but since it had reset and and not recurred, it was probably just a software glitch and didn’t need attention.  While we were there, we picked up a circuit breaker to fix our electrical outlet problem.

Back on the road, we continued out of the Black Hills and onto the Great Plains.  We stopped for a late lunch in Wall, S. D.   Wall Drug is the tourist trap to end all tourist traps.  It started as a small town drug store.  In the 1930s the proprietors hit on the idea of giving away a free drink of ice water to people driving through the town to get them to stop and, hopefully buy something. Cars weren’t air conditioned back then and summer in the Dakotas can be brutally hot. Sure enough, the hot summer weather brought in thirsty tourists on their way west to Yellowstone.  And once they were inside the drugstore, they usually bought something. Wall Drug

Tonight we are stopped in the little town of Murdo, South Dakota.  We replaced the circuit breaker and were thoroughly irritated to find it didn’t fix our problem.  I guess when we stop in Minnesota for a while we will have to look into things to find out just what our wiring problem is.

We called the campground in Corpus Christi where we have reservations for a couple of months this winter to make sure Hurricane Ike didn’t do any serious damage.  We were a little concerned because the campground is right on the Luguna Madre.  The lady I spoke to said the water did rise, but no damage was done.

Tomorrow — the Corn Palace!!!!



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