We arrrived here yesterday afternoon.  Mantorville has a nice little campground and is only about 10 miles from my parents’ house.  After getting settled in, we drove over and visited with them.  They are doing fairly well.  They had spent the afternoon sitting in the doctor’s office waiting to be seen and Dad was highly irritated at having to waste so much time twiddling their thumbs. He doesn’t like to sit around much.

After we got to their house, we all walked over to Main Street and had dinner at the local cafe.  They live Dodge Center, in a fairly small town and are right near the center of it, so it was a nice little walk in the mild evening.

Mantorville is even smaller, even though it is the county seat.  It was a major stage stop a hundred and fifty years ago.  Now it is a quaint village with several antique shops, a Melodrama theatre, a nice little park, the county courthouse and the Hubbel House, a restaurant which was the stage stop itself.  Many of the old buildings are constructed of attractive native stone.

We will be staying here visiting until the 29th, then we will head south.




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