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For those of you who don’t have an RV this will be meaningless.  But that’s ok.  For those of you who do have RVs this is something you want to hear.  It is an unsolicited endorsement.

We recently found a black tank treatment that really works!! It is called RV-Kleen and it is a bacteria that actually dissolves and eats the solids in the black tank and there is NO ODOR!! We could hardly believe it when we first tried it.  There is no chemical odor when you put it in, and you don’t have the nasty odor escaping from the black tank into your RV every time you flush.  There is no smell at all.  With other treatments, the tank would start smelling long before it was full, so we would be dumping it and flushing it just to get rid of the odor.  And it was always worse in the hot weather.

With the RV-Kleen, we only dump when the tank is full.  So even though it is kind of pricey, ($35 for 25 treatments) you don’t use as much because you aren’t dumping and adding more chemical every three or four days. And when the tank is dumped, there are no chunks in it, so it drains easier and there is no clogging. I won’t say it makes dumping fun, but it is definitely worth the price. And I don’t have to buy as much air freshener, either!

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