Fun, fun, fun

On Monday Richard’s sister and bro-i-law arrived in their RV.  They are on their way from northern Minnesota, where they were visiting relatives, to their home in Texas.  On Tuesday their Jeep developed problems in its drive train.  It was making klunkee noises and binding and heating up. So they have extended their stay here a few days while their Jeep gets fixed.

Yesterday we went to Austin and toured the SPAM Museum.  The Hormel factory there has been making spam since 1937. And they make a lot of other food products, too. The museum was quite interesting; it has exhibits with photos of the Hormels dating from the 1800s; an overhead conveyor belt with dozens of differnt types of SPAM cans chugging along; a letter from D. D. Eisenhower in its WWII exhibit; it even has a tv that runs the Monty Python’s Flying Circus Spam skit!

We had a cookout last night here at the campground and Mom and Dad came over and joined us for brats and potato salad and a steamy zuchini and onions dish.

Yes, I have got pictures. Pictures of Devil’s Tower, and the Corn Palace and the Spam museum. But I haven’t downloaded them from the camera and uploaded them to the picasa site yet. Too busy having fun to work on them. You’ll just have to be patient.



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