Story City

Sunday we had a little birthday party for Mom. Her birthday isn’t until Wednesday, but we were leaving on Monday. I baked her a cake, and when I decorated it, I was using one of those little tubes of frosting you can buy at the grocery store. But I hadn’t looked at it real close when I bought it and didn’t realize I needed to buy a tip for the tube! So I just cut off the end and used it to write “Happy Birtday Mom”! It didn’t work very well, and was hard to get it to write. When I was done, we realized I had left the H off of “Birthday”. But the cake tasted just as good.

Sunday night, Mom called and told us brother Don was going to stop in Monday morning on his annual migration from northern Minnesota to Florida. I hadn’t seen him in several years, so on our way out of Minnesota, we stopped in at their house one last time and visited for little while. We had cake and coffee and talked with Don and Gerri for a bit, then we hit the road.

We spent the night in Story City, Iowa. It is a pretty little town and has a campground just off the interstate. We have stayed here several times over the years. There is a beatifully restored carousel in town. We rode it once, but not this time through town.

Well, its time to get ready to hit the road. We are on our way to Oklahoma City to visit friends, relatives and doctors.



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