W00t!!! Again

I just noticed — My blog’s hit count has passed the 10,000 mark!! I know, there are lots of blogs out there that get that many hits in a day, but I’m proud of my little blog. It’s chugging along a much better rate than expected when I started it. I figured it would do good to average 15 hits a day. And indeed, in February, when I started, it averaged 12, but for September it averaged 79 hits a day!!

Part is due to the International Gas Symbol’s 1003 hits. What’s up with that?



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3 Responses to W00t!!! Again

  1. D.R. says:

    Congratulations. 🙂

  2. glorf1ndel says:

    And to think we had a parade not all THAT long ago for the glorious 2,000!
    So – since it’s climbing SOOO rapidly, let us know for sure when it’s near 20,000 and we’ll come in with a bigger and better parade!! LOL!! Though I’m not sure that’s possible. That was some parade!!

  3. ladymonde says:

    Ai spekt der mite be jeemetrik rashow btwene # ub frenz nd hitz.

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