Maybe we weren’t ready for winter…

Got up this morning and the water wouldn’t come out of the hot faucet.  We had plenty of cold water.  And it wasn’t that the water wasn’t hot.  It wasn’t there!!  No hissing, so dribbling, nothing.  So we checked to make sure all the shutoff/drain valves were in the right positions, and we opened the water heater’s relief valve.  Then we scratched our heads a bit.  Then we looked through the manuals.  Then we looked online for help.  Couldn’t find anything about no water coming out of the hot faucet.  So we went back out to check the input and output lines.  Not a pleasant thought, with all the sandburrs on the ground and having to lay down and crawl under the house to find the water lines coming into and going out of the heater.  The first step though, was to drain the tank, so we could disconnect the water lines.  We opened the relief valve again and Richard unscrewed the drain plug.  The water gushed out. Then I opened a hot faucet and we could hear gurgling!!  That was a very good sign; so we put the plug back in and turned the water on and opened the hot faucet.  It gurgled and hissed.  And then after the tank filled again, water came out!!! Yay!!!


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