Yesterday we went to the King Ranch Cowhand Breakfast.  Kingsville is about a one hour drive from here.  Every fall they put on the breakfast; it’s good food and cowboy demonstrations. The King Ranch is the largest ranch in the US covering more than 825,000 acres or 1289 square miles, which makes it larger than Rhode Island.  At its largest, the King Ranch exceeded one million acres.   The town of Kingsville was founded on some of the ranch land.

We drove out across the flat coastal plain, through miles and miles of fallow fields, with the occasional tiny town.  The sky was gray with low clouds and a hint of rain.  A couple of times it sprinkled on us as we rode, and we wondered if we would get rained out.

The breakfast of scrambled eggs, refried beans, a tortilla, 2 sausage links and a biscuit with gravy was served in a tent, but the eating facilities were tall tables that we stood at out in the open. While we ate, a band performed country western and Mexican music. After we ate, we watched the cowboys roping cattle, saw a ferrier shoeing a horse, watched a cook making biscuits over an open fire, and we saw a weaver making an indian blanket.

The rain held off all morning, but when it came down in the afternoon, it came in buckets.   We were home by then.  We sat there listening to the rain drumming on the roof while we watched TV.  When it quit, I happened to look up over my head and saw that the slideout ceiling was damp.  We went out to look at it but it was dark by then and not much to see.  So I came in and retracted the slideout a few inches at a time, letting the water drain off of the slideout awning while Richard watched it and signalled me when to schootch it in.  After we got it all the way in, we put it out again.

When Richard came in, he wanted a soda and found the icecubes in the freezer were melting!!  So we reset the refrigerator and waited a while.  When we checked it later, it still wasn’t cooling, so we switched it from AC to Propane and reset it again.  We could hear the fire ignite, so we left it on propane when we went to bed.  But this morning, it was all thawed. So we reset it again and put it back on AC.  Waited again.  It seemed to be chilling, but not getting really cold.  I dug out a probe thermometer and put it in the refrigerator.  It said it was 64 inside.  Then I checked the freezer and it was 42.   So we releveled the motorhome.  If its not level enough, the coolant doesn’t flow properly.  After a while when I checked it, the fridge was down to 58 and the freezer had dropped to  36.  Its back to normal now with the freezer down to 15 and the fridge is at 52.

While the fridge was getting back to normal, I fryed up all the fish that had thawed out.  And I transferred more files from my old computer to this one.

Yup, its been a lovely weekend.  😀



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