Christmas in Texas

We had a fine Christmas here.  The weather was kinda blah… morning fog fading into overcast as the day wore on.  But it wasn’t freezing cold and there wasn’t a snowflake in sight. YAY!!  The past week or so we have had lots of fog with occasional rain.  The temps have ranged from the 40s to the 80s. Some days we have the heat on, others the air conditioner, and some days we just open the windows and let the breeze through.  Every time a polar cold front comes through, the temperature drops and the wind picks up.  So we get out our heavy jackets.  Two days later, a tropical breeze blows up out of the gulf and its back to shorts and t-shirts.

The RV park had a pot luck dinner on Christmas Day.   Laurence, the owner, deep fried a couple of turkeys.  And there was mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy, ham, green bean casserole, salad, cheesy rice with broccoli, stuffed mushrooms, deviled eggs, Japanese coleslaw, apple pie, fruit cake, spice cake, and (my donation) strawberry cobbler.  Everyone had more than enough to eat.

For Christmas we got ourselves a George Foreman Grill.  It’s grate (no pun intended) for all kinds of things besides burgers.  We’ve made grilled cheese sandwiches, cinnamon toast and grilled eggplant!  And Jenni sent us some pepperoni bread which we sliced, buttered and grilled, and Boy! was that good!


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