Where Are the Ory’s?

Now you can follow us on google maps!  These links will take you to  maps that have markers for where we have traveled.   The blue marker is where we are now.  The red markers are our past locations.  This is our  2009 travel map. This is our 2008 travel map.

If you zoom in on one of the markers, you may be able to get a street view of our location.  Just click on the  little man at the top of the zoom bar and drag him into the street.  If you see blue lines on the street, they have the street view.  If the little man is grayed out, or if there are no blue lines where you drag him, the street view isn’t available there.


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2 Responses to Where Are the Ory’s?

  1. old lurker says:

    Ohai mai qween…and fambilee…iffn yu get as far east as Nash Vegas, I would be onerd to hab an awe de ence.

  2. J. Clevy says:

    The robins have come back to Moscow, mai cween!
    Still snow on the ground in patches, but the world has hope (aun awl difrent lvlz).

    (((Have a great February!)))

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