Mom Update

I talked with Steve last night.  He says they did blood tests that show Mom is improving.  Her white cell count is down.  And her lungs are clearing up.  She has more stamina now, and can go up the stairs without having to stop and rest once or twice on her way up.  She still naps, but is up and about most of the day.

Steve and Cheryl aren’t sure how long they will be staying there.  We will be leaving here the first of Feb and start heading north.  I may or may not fly up to keep an eye on things.  Mom has her next Dr. appointment on March 21st.  We are all sort of playing it by ear.  We will probably stop in OKC for a bit, waiting for things to get warmer farther north.  So our plans are sketchy at best.

On an unrelated note:

Grandson is too cute update –This just in from Jenni:

Have I told you yet that Shane’s mastered doorknobs?  And that we have been unsuccessful in teaching him that because he CAN do a thing, doesn’t mean he SHOULD?  The upshot of this is that when he wakes up at 5am, he gets himself out of bed and comes out of his room.  Now, we’ve gotten him pretty well trained to come into the office and play games for an hour or so, and when Terry gets out of bed he’ll get his milk cup.  Then an hour or so after THAT, when Momma gets up, he can have breakfast.  But those first few mornings were just hell.  He’d turn on all the lights and the TV and then come in our room and turn on THAT light, and say “Hi, Momma!  Hi, Daddy!”  He’s so cute you jsut can’t be mad at him, but when the sun isn’t even up yet and he expects food and playtime.. I come close.  Real close. 😛

And before you think that the Momma should be getting up right away and take care of the adorable Shane, I will point out that she works the 6pm to midnight shift and needs to get some sleep.


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  1. Jenni says:

    Yay, Mummy sticks up for me sleeping!

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