Heading North…. Slowly

We will be leaving Corpus Christi in the morning, heading north.  We will stop next in New Braunfels, which is about halfway between San Antonio and Austin.  We will spend a week or so there, getting the fridge looked at.  It has been giving us intermittent problems.  And the motorhome is due for an oil change.  There is a Camping World super store there that should be able to take care of things for us.  We expect to have to take the RV in once for them to look at it and decide what part the fridge needs; then go back again when they get the part in from the factory.   We are hoping they can get it all done in a week.

Steve and Cheryl have headed home to Washington from Minnesota.  Mom is much better, and we are all much relieved.  I spoke with her on the phone the other day, and could tell from her voice that she is feeling almost normal.  She sounded chipper and was quite chatty again.



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