Cave and Critters

Yesterday we went to Natural Bridge Caverns, just a few miles south of here.  We love to tour caves and this is a really neat one!! When we left the house, we were just going out for lunch, so I didn’t take my camera.  But on the way back we saw the signs and decided to go.

Our tour guide was a knowlegeable young lady who did a really good job.  The natural bridge is at the entrance of the cave, where the rock has collapsed into the ground, leaving just a narrow strip of a bridge across the sink hole.

Unlike most caves, that are about 60 dgreees F., this one is 70 with 99% humidity.  Really warm and clammy!! As we descended into the cave, the trail was a concrete walkway with a series of switchbacks with a handrail.  Thank goodness for the handrail, that cement floor was very wet and slick and steep! There is plenty of water dripping through the cave making some fabulous formations. We took the   Discovery Tour. Room after room was filled with stalactites and stalagmites and columns.  Each one more intricate that the last.

After we finished our cave tour, we drove through the  Wildlife Ranch next door.  We saw giraffes, and elands, and wildebeests, and ostriches, and rhinoceroses (rhinoceri?) and llamas and a bunch of other critters!!!

Tomorrow we take the Winnebago to get its icemaker/refrigerator fixed and then we will go north from there.



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