What Happened to Spring?

Obviously, we came a little too far north.  It is COLD here!!!  It’s 28 right now.  The sun is shining and the wind is blowing.  Howling like a banshee is more like it — 34 mph out of the north.

We have spent the past few days redecorating the motorhome.  Sounds more classy than what we really did.  A couple of the day/night shades that came installed in the motorhome suffered catastrophic cord failures.  So we took them down.  Not as easy as you would think.  The shades are attached to valences with a couple of screws and brackets.  And the valences are screwed onto the wall.  The one in the bedroom was a real pain, because we had to work on it while sitting or laying on the bed, and there is an overhead storage bin.  It would have helped if at least one of us had been a contortionist in a previous life.  The one at the head of the bed we replaced with a simple roller shade.  And the one over the dinette we replaced with some nice curtains.

And, while we were at it, we installed a set of curtains separating the driving compartment from the rest of the coach.  This will make it easier to “close up” at night.  The curtains built into the motorhome run on a track around the windshield.  Very nice, but awkward to close when you have to climb over the steering wheel and the dash to pull them shut.  Our new curtains are sooooooo much easier to close.


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