Tuesday I went over to Jenny’s and played with Shane for one last time before we left OKC.   He had been to the doctor for his three year old check up and was deemed wonderfully healthy.  He is 39 1/2 inches tall and weighs 39 pounds; which puts him up around the 95th percentile for 3 year old boys, or about average for a 4 year old.  At this rate he is going to be a very tall guy when he grows up.

Then, about 6 o’clock my jaw started aching really bad.  Do you know how hard it is to find a dentist after 6?  I did find one, and I was in his office by 8. By 9 I was back home again, minus one tooth.  I managed to get to sleep around midnight.

This morning, we packed up and left OKC heading northeast on I-44.  We enjoyed driving through the rolling countryside, looking at the redbuds in bloom adn watching the new baby calves frolicing in the pastures.  Tonight we are just east of Joplin, Missouri.  My jaw is still sore.  But I have painkillers and antibiotics.  😀



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2 Responses to Ow-ow-ow!!

  1. Jenni says:


    The Bunways helped me make this for you. I hope your tooth is feeling better.
    And what the heck is up with everyone having teeth problems this year???

  2. ladymonde says:

    Ouchy indeed. More to add to my stay at home filosofy. I now go the the son of the dentist I started going to 50 years ago.

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