Spring Saga

Where to start??  I guess starting at the beginning is a good idea.

After getting our internet dish (finally) the last Friday of May, we have had a series of thunderstorms here.  So we have taken the dish down repeatedly to keep it from getting knocked over by the wind and bent like a taco like the old one.  Seems like it has been down more than it has been up.

Tuesday we had heavy rain all evening.

Wednesday we went into Bend to apply for Richard’s Social Security.  We made a day of it, shopping and eating out, too.  We had lunch at a chinese restaurant, and my fortune cookie said that Friday would be an exciting day.  It specifically said Friday.

When we got home, we found that the living room slide out roof had leaked; the couch was soaked, and the overhead storage bins were dripping.  Apparently, the water had sat on the roof overnight and worked its way into the ceiling.  We have had leaking issues with that slideout before, and been assured that nothing was wrong.  But this was way worse than the occasional drips we had had before.

We pulled the slideout in, thereby squeegeeing the remaining water off the roof.  And we got out our little shopvac to  suck the water out of the couch.  And we pulled all the stuff out of the overhead storage bins and dryed them out.  Then as more water soaked through the roof,  we continued drying the bins and the couch.  We left the slideout in overnight and went to bed, listening to more rain rattling down.

Thursday, I went into Bend to get some sealant for the roof.  Richard and Rick (our boss, the campground owner) got out ladders and removed the awning that cover the slideout and examined the roof.  They found screws and seams without any sealant.

Then the wind picked up.  Big time.  I was still on the road home.  Richard called me to say that they were having 70 mile an hour winds at the campground and I should probably sit tight whereever I was and wait for the storm to pass.  He didn’t want me driving over the mountain in the high wind.  I was just west of Prineville and could see heavy, heavy rain ahead of me.  So I stopped at the airport and waited for the weather to settle.  Meanwhile, back at the campground . . . . the docks are anchored by four 2-ton concrete blocks.  The wind was so forceful, it pushed the docks, boats and anchors  about 25 yards north. Richard later said that Rick was standing on the shore watching the docks move saying, “Stop! Please stop!”  Rick said he used some other words, too.

After sitting at the airport for about 15 minutes watching the rain pour down and listening to the wind roar, things settled down and I finished my drive home.  Rick, Ari, Richard and several others were out working on the docks.  They winched the anchors up one at a time, and pushing and pulling with boats, the docks were moved back into position.

Then, Rick and Richard got our roof sealed.

I can’t wait to see what exciting things happen today.  After all, I know those fortune cookies are always right.


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  1. jamamakitty says:

    fanks fur update……..ai saw dat prineville wuz gettin flash floods on nooos las nite! YIKES…….ai wuz finkin ob yer! sounds like yew has yer werk cut out fur yew!

    i jus went to get kitten fud dat Cayenne is used to, an a lil disposabul litter tray till her can get in teh tub wair the big litterbawx it…….(an in case shilo nawt want to share)…. ai haz big ‘citement bout bringin Cayenne home tomorrow… Shilo will probly get awl worned out from Cayenne pouncin on her all teh time like lil Cory…….. LOL……ain’t it great!!!

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