The cute little cottontail bunny who lived around and under our motorhome last year is nowhere to be seen.

The deer herd appears smaller; I’ve only seen about six or seven .   I saw a few does with bellies full of babies a couple of weeks ago.  They must have dropped the babies and are keeping them hid right now.

We have seen the eagles soaring over the lake and plummeting down to capture fish.

The great horned owl who visited nearly every night last year has swooped over us a couple of times at night.

The barn swallows are everywhere; diving and soaring in an unending attack on the bugs, sitting on the power lines, and nesting under every overhang they can find.  Rick wages a constant battle with them  – he has put wire mesh up to keep them from nesting under the eaves of the buildings.  No one likes to walk through piles of bird droppings to get to the restrooms!

We have acquired a pigeon this year.  He appeared one day a couple of weeks ago after a thunderstorm.  He has bands on both legs.  We think he was in a race and got blown off track and ended up here – this is certainly not normal pigeon habitat!  I had thought that once he recouperated from his trauma, he would head home.  But he seems to think he is home.  He walks around eating the seeds the other birds knock out of the feeders.  I call him Pidge, and have tried to catch him.  He isn’t exactly afraid of people, but he won’t let anyone grab him.  He mostly walks around, but he can fly (usually only when someone gets too close), he just chooses not to.


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