More Critters

Well, Pidge is gone.   I haven’t seen him in a couple of days, so I figure he decided to go home.  I hope he made it safely.

Rick came to our door and said, “Grab your camera and come with me.”  So I did.  We went up the hill and he pointed out a new-born fawn.  I got a couple of pictures of it.  It is so cute.  It didn’t move a muscle, we only stayed a minute or so. We didn’t want to make the baby or its mommy nervous.  The mommy was out of sight, but I’m sure she knew we were there.


You can see more shots of him at my Picasa site.

In other news, it has continued windy and stormy.  Rick had to pull the docks back into position again Tuesday.  And  I’ve had the satellite dish up and down twice this week.  But, the good news is, our slide-out roof doesn’t leak!


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  1. paws4thot says:

    Wearther is funny here too. Mostly sunny, which is normal for June, but with an NE wind, and typical air temperature 10 to 12C (6 or 8C down on normal).

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