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Things here have been pretty much same-o, same-o.  But since Jeanne wants news, here’s the best I’ve got.

A few nights ago a group of little boys came up to us holding a fat toad.  They asked if ‘bullfrogs like this’ were common here.   We assured them that there were lots of them around.   A little later, when Richard was making a round, a man told him there was a toad in one of the mens toilets.  So he got a stick and helped the toad out of the toilet.   Then,  after another hour,  a man pulled up to the gate and the boys came running up yelling, “Daddy! Daddy!”  They were carrying a five-gallon bucket full of toads.  Richard asked them if they had put a toad in a toilet.  They said no.  But Daddy said they would have a talk about that at the campsite.  No more toads were found in the toilets.

But, in the ladies room, one of the toilets kept overflowing several days in a row.  Rick figured that something must have gotten stuck in it.  He pulled the toilet off the floor and  disassembledit.  After cleaning out the Ew! Ew! Ew!,  he heard something clunking around inside of it.  He looked up into the bottom of it and saw a metallic object that said Verizon on it.    He shook the toilet this way and that like running a marble through a maze and finally got the cell phone to fall out the bowl.  Anybody want a phone?  I didn’t think so.

That’s probably not the sort of thing Jeanne had in mind when she asked for something new.  Sorry ’bout that.


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  1. jamamakitty says:

    oh yesh, dat is ‘zackly wut ai had in mind!! brain bleach, yesh yesh yesh!!!

  2. leezt it wuzn’t noder toad *sudderz tu tink*

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