More Wind

After Thursday night’s windstorm, we were hoping the weather would be settled down.  But, no such luck.  Saturday evening the wind came blowing in.  Rick and his helpers spent the evening in their little aluminum boats pushing on the docks, agianst the wind, to hold them in position.  The wind would blow like crazy for about 15 minutes and then calm down for quite a while.  Then the wind would come from another direction and blow some more.  It was coming at a pretty good clip, around 35 to 40 mph.  First from the east, then from the southwest, then the north, then from the southeast, then from the west.  By the time it finally gave up for the evening, it had come at us from every direction of the compass.

Somewhere along the way, the power went out and stayed out for a couple of hours, coming back on around 9:30. Sunday, the power went out again from 2 til 4:30.

Ari noticed that a juniper tree about 20 feet from our motorhome had a split in it.  So Rick got out his chainsaw and took the tree down Sunday.

Last night we had thunderstorms forecast, so Rick was ready with boats stationed at the corners of the docks.  The wind hit at about 7:30 howling like a banshee.  It must have been blowing at around 86- 90 mph.  It was very difficult to stand in.  It picked up the dust and sand and leaves and twigs and trashcan lids and garbage and blew it all over the place.  I was driving through the campground in the golf cart when the wind picked up. It was next to impossible to see, mainly because I kept my eyes closed to keep the sand out of them.   After about 15 minutes, there was no more blowing sand, the wind had scoured all the looose stuff away.  It kept blowing until about 10.  The docks held together, but the houseboat dock, which is separate from the rest, got relocated and is now out by the logs that mark the perimeter of the marina.  We only got a light sprinkle out the storm, although we heard from the Deputy that they had a real gully washer in town.

Around midnight the wind started to pick up yet again, and we saw Rick and Ari go out to man the boats and hold the docks together.  I have no idea how late they were out.  But this morning, the docks are still in one piece.

We are all hoping that the thunderstorms forecast for this evening don’t show up.


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