Winter Storm

We’ve been having fun (?) dodging the winter storm,  We left Brigham City Tuesday morning and made our way through Salt Lake City on I-15 without to much hassle with the traffic, much to our delight.

But then the wind picked up.  Rolling across the desert, the wind managed to pull our awning out and billowed it up and beat it against our roof.  Richard pulled over as quickly as he could. We managed to get the awning rolled back in, don’t ask me how.  Then we got the ladder out and stood it up.  Since we were on the side of the highway, it was sloped quite a bit and I had to lean on the ladder to keep it from tipping over while Richard climbed it and and beat on the awning arms with the rubber mallet to get them to close.  After what seemed like an eternity, all was back to normal and we were rolling down the road again.  Life on the road is so much fun!!

We holed up in Salina, Utah Tuesday nite and all day Wednesday with no wifi and too much wind to put up my dish.  We got a little rain, and temperature this morning was 28F.

Tonight we are in Bluff, UT.  We will stay here a week looking at all the scenery, etc.  Monument Valley is just down the road and Four Corners is nearby too.


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