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Yesterday we went to Monument Valley. You know, you’ve seen pictures of it forever.  And John Wayne made She Wore a Yellow Ribbon there.

It is a Navajo Reservation, so we paid them our ten dollars to drive through and look at all the amazing buttes.  The road is a seventeen mile dirt  loop with several scenic overlooks.  Each overlook has Navajo jewelry stands.  Most of it is beaded necklaces, bracelets and earings.   At one stop we got some fry bread – the gal that took our order pulled off a hunk of dough, patted it out and put it in the fryer.  Oh, man!!  Fresh and hot and with a little bit of honey on it.  mmmmmmmmm!   It was sooo good!!

I have finally gotten around to uploading a bunch of my photos.  So you can see pictures of Astoria, Salt Lake City and Monument Valley on my Picassa site.   In Salt Lake City we went to Temple Square; we aren’t religious, but we just wanted to see it.  It has many beautiful buildings and lots and lots of flowers and fountains.  It was very nice and peaceful and calm and pretty.

We also went to the south end of Salt Lake.  It was so smoggy and hazy that we couldn’t see much of the lake.  Rather unimpressive.  But I ran most of my pictures through my auto-contrast fixer and some of them look waaaaay better than they did in real life.    The sailboat really popped after it got fixed!

See you on down the road.


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