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We have been out enjoying the scenery.  This past week we went to Four Corners, Hovenweep, Valley of the Gods and Gooseneck State Park.  I have posted pictures on Picasa

Four Corners is on Navajo land, so it had the obligatory Indian trinket stalls.  Also more fry bread.  mmmmmmmmm.   It was a blustery day when we were there, as you can see by looking at the flags in our pictures.  The fellow running the  fry bread stand said “Welcome to New Mexico, where it is warmer and less windy.”  We all laughed at that.

Hovenweep is an Pueblo Indian ruin out in the middle of nowhere.  Its hard to believe anyone could scratch a living out of such desolate surroundings.

Gooseneck Park is an overlook of a meandering river gorge on the San Juan river.  The river  flows for more than five miles while progressing only one linear mile toward the Colorado River.

The Valley of the Gods has a 17 mile gravel road that passes several interestingly shaped rock formations.

And now we have moved on to Aztec, NM.


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