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We have been having a good time in Oklahoma.  I have more pictures of the ever-adorable Shane on my Picasa site.

We got the slide out topper replaced on the motorhome and the fridge is behaving itself again.  And the other day when we were out and about, we stopped in at a SafeLite autoglass shop.  We had managed to get a rock chip in both the windshields of the Jeep and the motorhome.  They were able to repair the chip in the Jeep’s windshield right then and there and then the technician followed us to the RV park and fixed the one on the motorhome.  And the best part was that the insurance company (GMAC) waived the deductible so it didn’t cost us a penny.

Yesterday we spent Thanksgiving with Jenni and Terry and family.  There were about 18 people there to share the day with.  The food and the company were both excellent.

Next week I will be flying to Germany with 3 other gals and we will take a cruise down the Danube!!  I am very excited about it.   We will get to see castles and cathedrals and shop the Christmas craft markets.  Richard will be staying here while I am gone.  After I get back on the 15th we will head for Louisiana for the winter.


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