Merry Christmas from the Bayou

We are camped just outside the city of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, in a campground with 5 ponds on it.  Our camp site (and all the other sites) sits right on the edge of one pond.   The ponds have catfish, bass and other fish in them.  We keep seeing them jump, and the herons and egrets are finding plenty to eat, but Richard hasn’t persuaded any of the fish to jump onto his hook yet.

A couple of days ago we went to Avery Island, just west of New Iberia.  The island is actually the tip of a mountain of salt.  In the 1860s, a Mr. McIlhenny started operating a salt mine there.  In his spare time he gardened.  One day a friend brought him some peppers from Mexico that he planted and started experimenting with.  He began making pepper sauce for his family and friends.  It was so good, he started manufacturing and selling it.  And thus Tabasco Sauce began.

We didn’t buy the gallon size, but Richard did get a couple little bottles of various flavors.

They also have a “Jungle Garden” that you can drive through and look at the bayou and all the plants.  We didn’t see any alligators, but there were plenty of live oaks dripping with spanish moss; and egrets and herons; and camellias and bamboo; and a giant buddha statue.    Edward Avery McIlhenny captured some snowy egrets in the 1920s and brought them to Avery Island to help prevent their extinction.

As usual, I had my camera along and got lots of pictures.


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