The cold weather finally went away.  I’m not sure where it went, but as long as it stays there, I’ll be happy.

We found out Richard needs to have several doctor appointments back in Oklahoma City over the next few weeks, so we decided to move a little closer.  We located an RV park further north in Louisiana on the Texas border and made a reservation.  We left Breaux Bridge Wednesday morning and trundled up the highway.

Before we left I checked online and found a propane dealer near the campground we were moving to because we were running low on propane. As we drove through town we spotted the propane shop and pulled off the highway to our right, into the side street next to it.  Unfortunately, the guy who dispensed the propane wasn’t there, and he wasn’t expected back for some time. We were on a side street and needed to get back onto the highway.  Tom-Tom, our gps, had recalculated our route to the campground and said to continue straight ahead, so we headed out. As we proceded, I zoomed out on the gps screen and saw that instead of looping to the left and getting us quickly back on the highway, the route wandered for several miles and looped eventually to the right and came out on another highway that would run us back into town. Uh-oh. The road was a narrow, pot-holed paved road, with no place to turn around. We had swampland on either side.  As we went down the road it lost its pavement and became a one lane gravel road.  After another mile or so, it lost its gravel and became a dirt road running through a pine forest. Then we came to a bridge with a 10 ton weight limit.  The motorhome weighs 22,000 pounds.  Richard and I looked at each other.  I crossed my fingers and closed my eyes. He drove us across the bridge and it didn’t even tremble.

Finally, we reached the highway and headed back to town.  As we drove through town we passed the propane shop and saw a guy out by the tank who waved at us as we went by.  We figured he was the guy who dispensed the propane, so Richard got the motorhome turned around and we pulled in to the propane shop.  The worker said he had gotten back to the shop just in time to see us heading down the road.  We told him about our little off-road expedition while he filled our tank.  When he was done, we unhitched the Jeep from behind the motor home and Richard got the Winnebago turned around and we continued on our way.

When we got to the campground we had our reservation at, we looked around and decided that we really didn’t want to stay there.  It just didn’t look a place we wanted to be. There was no one in the office and the only spot empty was short, narrow, and uneven.

We drove on across the bridge into Texas and found a little spot, not a lot better than what we had just passed up and spent the night. We went through our campround directories and made a couple of phone calls and reserved a spot in Jacksonville, Texas.  We got here Thursday.  We have a nice site, lots of room, even a goldfish pond in our “front yard.”

Unfortunately, last week my internet dish decided to give up the ghost.  The campground we were at had Wifi, so no big problem.  But here, no wifi.  Today we drove to Tyler, a short 30 miles up the road and found a Verizon store.  We got one of those cute little bitty wifi things.  It lets both of us be online at the same time for same price as the HughesNet dish.  It is a little slower, but it doesn’t require setting up a big dish.  And it shouldn’t be plagued with hardware issues.


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2 Responses to Off-Roading

  1. Monica Ford says:

    It sounds like you have more problems than you really want. We are glad to be able to stay home, read, watch the Vikings beat Dallas and such exciting things. I don’t know anywhere enough about this equipment. I highlite your blog but can’t figure out how to print it for father to read. Any suggestions? Steve has told me things like this but don’t find any notes to solve this problem. Mom.

  2. paws4thot says:

    10 tons is 22400lb surely?

    Monica, one way of printing our deathly (sic) prose would be to highlight the required text, copy and paste it into a blank word processor document, and then print that. You have my permission to try it on ths comment anyway!

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