Moving Again

We moved again yesterday.  Now we are in Terrell, Texas.  Just east of Dallas on I-20.  Another trip to OKC tomorrow/wednesday.  Hopefully the last for a while.  This is a very nice park with a fishing pond right outside of our front window.  We will probably stay here until we head north to Minnesota in late April.

The last place we were at was called Shady Pines for a reason…..very dark and dank in the winter.  Probably quite nice in the summer when you want to escape the heat.  But this time of year it is cold enough without the constant shade.  We got about 6 inches of snow in the storm that moved through.  The day after the storm, the snow dropped in big snowballs off of the tree limbs 20 or more feet above us smacking onto the roof!  A couple of times we thought tree limbs had fallen on us, but when we went out and checked, nothing but snow to be seen.

We had lots of sunshine today, and a cold north wind.  Brrrr.  Hope it warms up soon.


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  1. peg says:

    U in Texas?! Watch out for flashfloods please. They are NOT fables,they are very real..

  2. You needs to come to Skeattle!! Srsly!! was 62 degrees today!! Nice sunny day

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