Sewing Machine Wars, continued

My 4 year old grandson Shane has been getting up at dawn lately.  Which his mom, who works until midnight, doen’t really appreciate.  So she asked me if I could make a new window curtain for his room that would block the light and maybe he would sleep a little later.

I went to the fabric store and found a nice sun and moon and stars print that works well in his room, and a navy blue for the lining.  He has a dark blue toybox with stars on it, and a solar system hanging from his ceiling, and his walls are a nice pale blue.

I took my sewing machine, fabric and notions over there Friday and set about making the curtain. I laid the old curtain on the floor and measured it.  Then I cut and pinned and sewed and ironed and cut and pinned and sewed and ironed some more.

Shane took these pictures of me while I worked.  😀  (you can click on them for a bigger version)

Before you think he is a photographic genius, he also took these pictures of me. 🙄

The instructions said it was a 2 1/2 hour project. HA! The instructions forgot to take into account the thread wrapping itself around the spindle and breaking 3 times. Or that the ties didn’t want to be turned right side out. Or the little boy wanting to have Grummy stitch on a piece of paper for him. And borrow the scissors to trim the paper. And wanting to use the new curtain for a blanket when I laid it on the floor to measure it for the lining. And . . . well, you get the idea.

But it was worth it in the end.  Here is the finished result:


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8 Responses to Sewing Machine Wars, continued

  1. upfi says:

    Awsum curtains, dear Cween! The fabrick is lubberly. Wud u do some curtains for me, too? *grins* Mai granma only did knitting and crochet … crocheted curtains take forebber, u noes! Fank u for sharing!

  2. poussinboi says:

    It’s a good job you were there, eh? 😀
    I would bet you loved it too.

    BTW, *whispers* your “big” photos were really big (+1.6 MBytes each). Not sure if you meant to load them that large or not. 😕

  3. Streakercat says:

    What a sweetheart! You are so blessed and are such a good ‘gramma’ for your baby. Wonderful!

  4. Jenni says:

    Unfortunately, the darkifying effect did not work out as planned, but when I walk in the room and see the pretty curtain, I don’t mind as much. Almost. Sorta. 🙂

    • cweenmj says:

      Aw, ratz. Next step, redneck curtains — aluminum foil on the windows!!

      • OnleeKitteh says:

        Hubby had me do “redneck curtains” for the bedroom window in our old house. Sure made it dark. But when it was hot we had to open the window and that defeated the purpose of keeping out light in the summer.

      • KittyRoo says:

        You can get blackout shades for a reasonable price at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

        And the curtain looks great!

    • paws4thot says:

      Waht did teh cween UZ fur a liner fabrik? IME, wiffowt a darkifying liner, kurtaynz nawt darkify so grayt!

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