Tornadoes and Dr. Visit

We are still in Oklahoma, dodging tornados.

Richard’s latest Dr visit yesterday did not go as planned. Dr. looked at Richard, looked at test results, looked at Richard some more. Said we need to check Richard into the hospital. He scribbled something illegible on a prescription paper and said, “Go to the ER and give them this.” We went, we handed over the scribbled note and Richard was hustled into a room ahead of everyone else waiting in the ER.  Half a dozen nurses, techs and doctors swarmed in on him hooking him up to a bazillion monitors and asking a bazillion questions.

In the midst of that, Jenni called and asked if we were ok and safe frum the storm! It seems  tornadoes were breaking out all over the place! I told her I had no idea how things were at the camper, because we were at the SW Hospital ER. She looked at the tv radar and told us where the storms were and we decided our camper was probably safe.  (It was, safe and sound when I finally got home).

Too late to make this a short story so I’ll just cut to the end. Richard has congestive heart failure and it has taken a bad turn, filling him up with fluids. They have given him meds to help his kidneys drain all the fluids….. They expect him to drop about 40 pounds of liquid. And they have him on oxygen to help his breathing. He will be in the hospital for at least two or three days.

The tornadoes all landed to the east of us and kept on moving east, so no big problems for us. Other than the hospital going on generator power for a couple of hours and moving all of the patients out of deh rooms with windows and into hallways until the danger passed. So we got to sit in the ER for a couple of extra hours waiting for things to return to normal before they could move Richard into a room.

He was breathing much better by the time I left around 9pm and had already dropped 1.4 liters of fluid.


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14 Responses to Tornadoes and Dr. Visit

  1. Debbie the CrazyOldLady says:

    My cween….my mom is in the hospital with the same problem…plus pneumonia and acute renal failure….I know how stressful this is. Please know I hold you and your hubby in my prayers!

  2. catena says:

    Oh, dear! I am adding you and Richard to my prayers. Speedy recovery!
    So glad you are safe…I was worried about all my online peeps yesterday.

  3. poussinboi says:

    I’m sorry to hear this and you have my heartfelt wishes for his rapid return to good health. {{Cweenmj and Richard}}

  4. Streakercat says:

    Mai Cween – Please believe in the power of good flooding your way through those who care deeply for you and yours. The cheezpeeps will hold steady for you, Richard and Debbie’s mom through these days.

  5. jamamakitty says:

    ohai hunny……….big hugs to the supt for me! ai haz not been coming over to ichc much lately and teasel telled me bout supt…. ai haz a big sad but am glad that you were in the midst of doctor stuffs and so were able to deal with it in somewhat timely manner!! also glad bout dodging the nados!! were you en route to somewhere and stopped in okie fur doctor stufs or how dis all come about… plz to emeow me wen you gets sum times….. (ai still wundrs if ian is drinking a lot…. LOL) big schmoooooooos

  6. onions and petunias says:

    So glad you had a doctor who is on the ball and sent you to the ER right away — and glad that Richard is doing so much better so rapidly. Holding you in my heart …

  7. cweenmj says:

    Thanks to all for the hugs and warm wishes. And special hugs to Debbie and her Mom.

  8. paws4thot says:

    {{MJ}} – Ah wull bee thinkin ob U & R speshulee.

  9. Lena says:

    Oh man cweemmj I hope he’s feeling better soon and that the docs can gets this under control. I’m sending you guys healing NRG.

  10. Griffyn says:

    Thanks for the update and hugs and best wishes for Richard getting back on his feet PDQ! {{{MJ&Richard}}} }}

  11. nightshayde says:

    *sending beemz to boaf Cweenmj & Richard* Sounds like they’re taking good care of him at the hospital — now be sure to take care of yourself, MJ.

    {{{{{Cweenmj & Richard}}}}}

  12. parrothead says:

    Beams and prayers coming your way!

  13. krelm says:

    my Cween and her beloved Prince,
    I had the same thing about six or so years ago… nasty edema, couldn’t breath, etc. scared the hell out of everyone. four or five days in hospital (much passing of water!!!) and good as used! 🙂
    I take a diuretic daily. the hardest part is pinning down the triggers… still haven’t got that 100%.
    I keep my feet up as much as I can, it helps.
    BEEMS and love to you both!!!

  14. mary0spockn says:

    Oh noes. *readreadreadread* Bites nails *readreadread* Wonders whose nails I bited?
    *wrings tendrils* *has a worried* *prayspraysprays* *sends lovesbeams*

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