Richard Improves

Things were much better today.  Other than the thunderstorm that woke me up at a quarter after 3 in the morning.

I got to the hospital at 8 and Richard was just waking up.  He was groggy and confused after a day on sedatives, but as the hours past he visibly improved.  The nurses and techs kept checking on him and his breathing.  All of their tests had good results so around 11:30 they took the tubes out and Richard was sooooo happy about that!!!  But the tech told him he couldn’t talk for 2 hours.  So I went out for a long lunch to keep him from trying talk to me.

When I got back, we talked and talked.  Later in the afternoon, one of my former co-workers came by and visited for a bit.  We had a good visit.

Richard really improved today.  In addition to getting off the respirator, his hands and feet aren’t as swollen as they were.  He actually has wrinkles on his knuckles again!  If he continues like this, he will be out of the ICU tomorrow.  YAY!!

Thanks to one and all for the good wishes!


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18 Responses to Richard Improves

  1. booklion says:

    Happy news! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Glad to hear he is improving, and will get out of the ICU soon!

    Love to you both,
    Donna the booklion

  2. lunarmommy says:

    oh, that’s good news!

  3. catena says:

    Fabulous news!

  4. peg says:

    Hooray for the wrinkeled knuckles!!! So glad 😀

  5. KittyRoo says:

    YAY!!!!! Soon he will be getting on your nerves again 😀

  6. tessm says:

    so glad to hear this! schmoos to u!

  7. catena says:

    This is fabulous news!

  8. Griffyn says:

    Have you ever been so happy to see someone’s wrinkles? and be able to talk to his highness again? 🙂 Can’t really say how happy I am for this improvement…big sigh of relief.

  9. OnleeKitteh says:

    Yippee skippy. Adn huray fur wrinkles. Dis such great gnus dat ai cannawt go wifout a happytail dans fur you adn PrinceMJ.
    skip twirl kick leap *shout fur joi* stumblefumbletrip *ai meanted tu do dat*

  10. kitkay says:

    Ohai, Cween, I just found out from jamamakitteh on fb about Richard. Oh, my I am so sorry that he is sick! And also so glad that he is getting better! Goodness, it sounds like you got him to the hospital in the nick of time!

    I didn’t know you were in OK again. We sure had some tornados this week, didn’t we? Glad you are safe.

    Also, I am sitting in the hospital with my mom right now. She moved down from ICU to “PCU” (progressive care unit) yesterday. She fell and broke her hip at the assisted living, and had several complications before and after the surgery, including heart stuff. Isn’t it nice to see the tubes being removed? One by one in our case.

    I haven’t been here much lately (on fb), but I still care about you and all the cheezpeeps. You and Richard are in my prayers! {{{{{{Cween, Richard}}}}}}}

  11. Becky Janzen says:

    *joyens OK in teh dansdansdans!*

  12. OzcatMum says:

    Most excellently wonderful news!!! Love to you both.

  13. lunakitteh says:

    Ohai, My Cween!! Ai awlsew founded aowt abowt King Richard’s beun sic frum Jammakitteh tudai, n wuz sew sorrree 2 heer taht noos, buht am awlsew verreeee happitail taht he bees impruving… Mai hart iz tuchd n mai prayrz will be wif Richard n yoo n awl yoor fambly … an Ai weel bees waytun 2 heer mor gud gnus sun..Ai kno God heers owr prayrz n weel keeps Richard in His care.

    Lub, Schmooz n Hugz…


  14. paws4thot says:

    Moast bestest newz ah haz had awl week!! 😀

  15. honeycakerabbit says:

    Ohai mah cween! I cudn’t follolow teh gnus yestuday, butt I’z berryberry happy that Richard is gitting better! YAY foar recubbery! And moar beems for moar recubbery!
    {{{cweenmj & Prince Richard}}}

  16. mary0spockn says:

    Sending love, prayers and good beams/thoughts your way. The Tendrils of Doom also send you hugs, but keeping them in check. For now, anyways. Wish we could halp.

  17. upfi says:

    Wooot! I am so glad that Richard is better. *big sigh of relief* I send BEAMS for continued improvement!

  18. BGCMEOWRRRR says:

    YAY! Sendin in conga-ratz korrus lyne tew halp U sillybrayt! Remember U n King R R invited up tew mi plc in Alto Doonie wenebber ur in Pass-a-Doonie! Choklit Martoonies
    wil be on tap!

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