Mixed Bag

Richard is doing well, but not as well as we had hoped.  He is still in the ICU.  His heart is beating faster than they think it should.  And it has had some fluttering.  They are thinking of putting in a pacemaker.   He is still dropping fluids, and his hands are looking better.  But his feet, legs, and belly are still very swollen.   They let him sit up in a chair today, and that was a nice change for him after laying in bed for 3 days.

I was awakened by thunderstorms at 3 am again today.  I finally got back to sleep around 5:30 or 6.  Then I got woke up again by a phone call just after 8:30.  So I didn’t get in to visit with Richard until nearly 10.   I was so dead on my feet he told me to go home and rest at 3 and I did. Woke up now (6:30pm) by a stupid text message wanting me to buy a ringtone or some such nonsense!


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6 Responses to Mixed Bag

  1. catena says:

    *beemz for this just a temporary slowdown on the road to recovery*

  2. mary0spockn says:

    good beams for Richard. glares at stoopy text messager sales peep. pleh.

  3. Griffyn says:

    and you’ve ‘blocked’ that sender so that it won’t happen again, right, right?… I’m sure you’re exhausted…running back and forth, not getting a good night’s sleep, and even if you were getting a full night, you’re probably tossing and not really resting… hope tonight is better, for you both… time heals…hedbonks!

  4. kitkay says:

    Best Wishes for Cween and King Richard…I hope he gets well soon. Be sure to get plenty of rest! We had a lot of rain here in Norman, and probably thunder, too. But strangely enough, it never wakes me up! {{{{{cween and king}}}}} You do so much for other peeps, you deserve the best, and prayers and beams from all cheezpeeps who love and care about you.

  5. Kat3Kets1Gog says:

    So sry u an ur King LyonHart b habbings so much trubble. Hopeing teh Paycemaker wil doo teh trick fore himz. Or sumpfing 2 getz him ups an helfy an back 2 ur camperr wiv u an habbing teh fun.

    Finking ob u bofe wiv praers an beems an thots dat King Jesus surrouwndifiying u bofe wiv hims strawng heeling arms. An 4 u fore gettings teh sleep!!

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Cweenmj an Kynge Richard}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}


    PS–I can haz fanking u 4 postifyied mii messidj awn teh TownCryer when u wuz habbing distracshums n wurrees ov ur own. So berry berry kynd of u!

  6. peg says:

    A pacemaker would be a good thing,and a great excuse for him to not put things in the microwave 🙂 Or to even be in the kitchen,cause the microwave “might” be on 😀
    This may sound odd,but I have a CD of a thunderstorm that I put on low,then if a real one comes by it blends right in..

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