News from the Home Front

Well, Richard has been home from the hosptial for about a week.   He is moving around much better. He can’t be on his feet for too long, he still tires easily.

And he continues to lose water-weight.  He has dropped another 25 pounds.   Yes, that is a total of nearly 100 pounds!! He really did look like a giant water balloon when he checked into the hospital.

He takes a bunch of pills twice a day to help his heart and lungs. And he uses a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine at night to keep him breathing and not snoring.

I can’t thank everyone enough for all the love and support sent our way.  But THANKS nonetheless.


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7 Responses to News from the Home Front

  1. noodle says:

    wunnerful, wunnerful gnus.
    100 lbs ob watr. himz musta luked like da michelin man on steroids.
    you both need a good rest. take good care.
    Sarah (aka noodle)

  2. upfi says:

    May he continue to dissemble a water balloon … wait, whut? May he get better and better – but not to the point of tiring u out, my dear Cween! Big smoochies for both of you. Where would we be without u … where indeed…

  3. Griffyn says:

    You are such a treasure…so glad things are looking up.

  4. paws4thot says:

    We sez supportib stuff nawt fur UR fanks, but bkawz we karez!

  5. JanetCanHas4Kittehs says:

    I’d like to say – What paws4thot sez! Because he did put it so very well.

    But of course, I have to say more!

    Ummmmm. . . please don’t hit me. Did you take “before” and “after” pictures? 😉

    100 pounds. Wow!
    But so glad he is finally out of the hospital and I hope out of the woods!
    Schmooz to you both! I am SOOO relieved that it is actually getting better. And I’m sure Richard is equally glad to be home.

  6. catena says:

    I’m so happy for you both!

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