Dr. Appointments

Richard saw the cardiologist last week and had another sleep study to make sure his CPAP is really helping.

Tuesday morning he will have an Angiogram.  The cardiologist wants to see how much blockage his arteries have.  They may or may not put a stent in.  If he doesn’t need a stent, he will b out in the afternoon.  If he does need a stent, they will keep him overnight in the hospital.

Then, he has an appointment with our family doctor on Thursday.  And the next cardiologist appointment is on the 14th.

And it is so blasted hot here!!!  We have put an insulated foil windshield cover in the motorhome and lined the other windows and vents with aluminum foil.  It helps, but it still gets beastly hot inside.  And it isn’t even summer yet!


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2 Responses to Dr. Appointments

  1. jamamakitty says:

    well you can always come back to NW, we haz barely made it into 60’s

  2. booklion says:

    Lucky jamamkitty. Summer heat, I hates it.
    Hope all goes well with Richard’s dr. appointments today, dear cween. I hope Richard won’t need a stent, but if he does, the procedure will go well. My Dad got a stent about 3-4 years ago. Even though with him it came because of a heart attack, and not as a voluntary procedure, he recovered very quickly and has been doing well. He will turn 87 in three weeks.
    Hugs and shmoos to you both.

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