Angiogram Results

The angiogram went fine.  The doctor saw the arterial blockage from Richard’s heart attack 5 years ago, but nothing new.  Richard will have a pacemaker put in next Tuesday.   If all goes well, we should be able to leave here the week after that.  Yay!!!


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7 Responses to Angiogram Results

  1. upfi says:

    That is gud gnus indeed! Hope you don’t melt in teh head – I wish we could mix our weather. It’s cool and rainy here … *brrrr* Schmoos to u and Richard!

  2. tessm says:

    glad to hear things are improving! my MIL was not thrilled to get her pacemaker several years ago, but she’s doing fine.

  3. poussinboi says:

    Great news. Best wishes to you both.

  4. booklion says:

    Good Mews! Good for you and Richard, and I hope you can get on the way to cooler weather soon.

  5. SweetMotherOfMars says:

    So happy to hear this! May the surgery be quick and uneventful.

    Like Tess hinted, getting ready to have a pacemaker is stressful, but I have a friend just barely into her 30s who has had hers so long she’s had surgery to put in a new battery! (I think she was 16 when she first got it.) It makes a world of difference.

    Can’t wait until you are on the road and out of the heat.

    {{{Schmooz to you both}}}

  6. mollypuss says:

    {{{{{Richard}}}}} {{{{{Mai Kween}}}}} Just to let you know I am sending strength to you both from Jozi, Seffrika. I will light a candle tonight for the hugely successful operation that will happen tomorrow …

  7. Streakercat says:

    Very happy to hear good news for you and yours, Mai Queen. My very best to you for more wonderful days ahead. Streakercat

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